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We currently offer comprehensive neuropsychological, psychoeducational, ADHD, autism evaluationsand more!

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Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations include assessment of cognitive, academic, and emotional/behavioral/social functioning.

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Psychoeducational evaluations predominantly focus on the assessment of various academic skills.

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ADHD evaluations predominantly focus on the assessment of attention and executive functioning skills. 

Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluations focus on the assessment of emotional, behavioral, and social disorders.

Welcome to NACH

 You may ask the question, "What is a pediatric neuropsychologist?" or "How does a pediatric neuropsychologist differ from a clinical psychologist, educational/school psychologist, or educational diagnostician?" Pediatric neuropsychologists have expertise in how thinking, mood, and behavior are related to brain structures and functions. Pediatric neuropsychologists provide the general services of a clinical psychologist to address issues such as ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, depression, anxiety, but are equally equipped to assess these issues if they happen to be related to medical conditions (e.g., epilepsy, prematurity, traumatic brain injury, genetic syndromes, prenatal alcohol exposure, and a host of other medical conditions).


The licensed neuropsychologists at NACH, Inc. specialize in neuropsychological assessment of children and young adults (currently from infants to college students)They are particularly knowledgeable of the special education process and are skilled in consultation with schools regarding appropriate services and interventions for children and adolescents.


The mission of NACH, Inc. is to collaborate with children and their families so that families may be empowered to embrace the known (and unknown) and courageously pursue the interventions that will help their child reach their fullest potential.

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*Saturday testing appointments are available!

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