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Assessing Autism and More

Properly assessing autism is not something that is as easily done as many people think it is. It takes a comprehensive approach and an experienced expert to assess and diagnose autism, and that is exactly where we come in. Through our exceptionally thorough analysis procedures, we can give you a proper assessment early on, which is one of the most important aspects of assessing and addressing autism in a positive and successful way. There are many ways autism can be mis-diagnosed, and there are also many other things that can be mis-diagnosed as autism, this is what we are here to help you avoid. If you are looking for a proper assessment service, you have already come to the right place.

A Neuropsychological Assessment is a series of tests that helps to determine how your brain is functioning and how it impacts your behavior and thinking. These are usually simple tests such as repeating words, sentences, and numbers to test your memory. A Neuropsychological Assessment test cognition by asking the child to explain how items are similar. They test verbal communication by naming items that the test giver points to. They also test motor skills by inserting pegs into a peg board with only one hand and then the other hand.

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