Safety Practices in Response to COVID-19

  1. Parent appointments (e.g., initial visit, feedback session) will be conducted via a remote distance teleneuropsychology model. Parents will be asked to provide an email or phone number where they can be reached for their remote teleneuropsychology appointment.

  2. For testing appointments, only one parent should accompany the child to the appointment. Please do not bring other children to the testing appointment.

  3. The parent and child must wash their hands prior to entering the office.

  4. While in the waiting area, please adhere to social distancing guidelines for your safety and for the safety of others.

  5. Parents will be asked to complete a Covid-19 exposure questionnaire upon arrival to the office.

  6. Parent, child, and examiner’s temperature will be taken the morning of the testing appointment.

  7. The testing room surfaces, door handles, and testing materials will be disinfected at the beginning and ending of your child’s testing session.   

  8. When interacting with the examiner, a facemask is requested of parents and children. You may bring your own if you prefer; however, I will also have them available for you. 

  9. The examiner  will wear a facemask, face shield, and gloves in the presence of you and your child and during testing. 

  10. Your child will be tested, to the extent to which it is feasible, behind a plexiglass wall that is placed between the child and examiner on the desk.

  11. Your child will be given a personal pencil that will be his/hers to use throughout the testing day. 

  12. If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, your appointment can be rescheduled after a 14-day time period if you remain symptom-free or have tested negative for Covid-19. 

  13. If there has been recent travel outside of the state or country, your testing appointment will be scheduled for a period of 14 days after your return. Alternatively, you can provide a negative Covid-19 test result for you and your child 5 days after your return.