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Baruch Williams, PhD

Doctor Williams

Dr. Baruch Williams is a licensed psychologist who specializes in neuropsychological assessment of children and young adults. She has obtained extensive training in the cognitive and behavioral development that takes place throughout childhood and young adulthood. Dr. Williams worked as a research assistant at City University of New York Queens College, in the Laboratory of Developmental Neuropsychology and the Laboratory of Biological Psychopathology. She then returned to her hometown of Houston, Texas where she obtained a Clinical Psychology doctoral degree from the University of Houston, with a specialization in neuropsychology (Child Track). She acquired additional training at Texas Children’s Hospital Blue Bird Clinic for Pediatric Neurology as well as Memorial Hermann Hospital. After completing an internship at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital, Dr. Williams completed a post-doctoral residency at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Dr. Williams is experienced in the neuropsychological assessment of children with attention disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral/affective disorders, autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, prematurity, traumatic brain injury, genetic syndromes, and a host of other medical conditions.

She is particularly knowledgeable of the special education process and is skilled in consultation with schools regarding appropriate services and interventions for children and adolescents. Dr. Williams’ research interests have included attention disorders and learning disabilities and she has several published abstracts which were presented at the Society for Neuroscience, International Neuropsychological Society, and the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology.


Dr. Williams particularly values community involvement and has participated in several invited talks within the community. She is a member of the International Neuropsychological Society, American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology, and American Psychological Association. Dr. Williams’ mission is to collaborate with children and their families so that families may be empowered to embrace the known (and unknown) and courageously pursue the interventions that will help their child reach their fullest potential.

Dr. Williams has received her training at some of the most prestigious institutions, see below!

Jennifer Chang-Tran, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Chang Tran

Jennifer Chang-Tran, PhD, is a pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in providing neuropsychological evaluations for children and adolescents presenting with a range of neurodevelopmental, neurological, and/or other medical conditions. She also specializes in psychoeducational evaluations (e.g., ADHD/learning disorders and behavioral/emotional disorders) as well as autism diagnostic evaluations. Dr. Chang-Tran earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology at the University of Iowa, receiving academic honors through the Dean’s Graduate Research Fellowship. During her graduate education, she participated in the Iowa Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and other Related Disabilities (LEND) program, an interdisciplinary leadership program that is dedicated to improving the lives of youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or other neurodevelopmental disabilities by providing family-centered care and engaging in advocacy and other public health efforts. Dr. Chang-Tran completed her predoctoral internship in pediatric neuropsychology at the Missouri Health Sciences Psychology Consortium, conducting autism diagnostic and neuropsychological evaluations at the Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders and the University of Missouri’s Women & Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Chang-Tran then completed her postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM)/Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH), where she developed further expertise in providing comprehensive assessments to toddlers through young adults coming from diverse backgrounds (e.g., in regards to race/ethnicity, linguistic backgrounds, countries of origin, socioeconomic status, religion) and presenting with a variety of concerns.

Dr. Chang-Tran is committed to engaging in culturally responsive work through the practice of cultural humility while promoting equity and social justice in the fields of pediatric neuropsychology and psychology. During her fellowship, Dr. Chang-Tran participated in the Psychology Summer Institute (PSI), organized by the American Psychological Association’s Minority Fellowship Program, receiving intensive professional development mentoring in regards to serving communities of color. She also continues to engage in research through TCH’s Autism Center and SPARK (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research). Her research interests include understanding cross-cultural differences regarding vaccine hesitancy and attributions of ASD in pa.

Her research interests include understanding cross-cultural differences regarding vaccine hesitancy and attributions of ASD in parents of children with ASD. In her spare time, Dr. Chang-Tran enjoys visiting her family in Southern California, exploring the world with her husband, and spending time with their pet rabbits.

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