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Payment Policy

All payment is due at the time services are rendered. NACH, Inc. accepts personal checks and most major credit cards. An hourly fee is charged for appointments cancelled less than 24-hours in advance.

The evaluation cost applies to all time required for: testing, scoring, interpretation, record review, interviews, report writing, letter writing, feedback sessions, and 504/ARD (IEP) meetings. 

The most appropriate type of evaluation will be determined through the information provided in the online consultation form as well as through an initial phone call to NACH, Inc. The cost of the evaluation is based on the individual’s needs. 

NACH, Inc. is not in network with insurance companies. Many insurance companies do not cover the cost for testing services (e.g., educational testing, ADHD testing). However, upon request, we are happy to provide the patient (parent/legal guardian) a Super Bill that will include helpful information including: CPT codes and diagnostic codes in order to assist families in filing their own claims. All approvals for insurance reimbursement, related paperwork, etc. are the sole responsibility of the patient (parent/legal guardian).


*For existing clients only

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